Our Team

With a deep passion to innovate, and desire to excel and succeed, the team at Forus is determined to promote energy self-sufficiency in our country with their innovative, and eco-friendly product line.
The core management team consists of bright,young,and creative entrepreneurs possessing an excellent pedigree. Hailing from one of the foremost premier Tech Institutions of India, the IIT, this team of professionals come with the perfect blend of knowledge, industry experience, and youth to their credit.


Mr. Uttam Goyal

Mr. Uttam Goyal with a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee. He over sees the critical function of Procurement of quality raw materials, that are key to produce high-quality products.
Mr. Goyal has previously worked in the Thermal and Solar Energy sector, where he oversaw Design, Quality, and Estimation functions for more than 20 projects with a combined worth of more than 1000 crores.
In the personal front, Mr. Goyal actively follows causes pertaining to Civil rights, Social action, Disaster and Humanitarian relief, Economic empowerment and Environment consciousness.
Mr. Goyal is an avid Coin Collector and has a huge collection of rare coins in his repertoire.

Mr. Mukund Chandak

Mr. Mukund Chandak holds a B. Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and is also an alumnus of IIT Roorkee. He leads the Operations and R&D departments in Forus.
Mr. Chandak has previously worked in the Energy sector, where he handled Operations. He was deeply involved in the design and development of various new electrical process designs in PLC systems for applications in thermal plants.
He is passionate about Education-to-all, Poverty alleviation, Pro-environment, and Science & Technology.
In his free time, Mr. Chandak loves to strum his guitar and play a song or two.


Mr. Sahil Jagnani

Mr. Sahil Jagnani is a B. Tech in Chemical Engineering and is a product of IIT Guwahati. He spearheads the Sales and Marketing division in Forus.
Mr. Jagnani was previously associated with a large Indian Conglomerate, and later with the Hospitality Industry where he handling Sales and Marketing.
Mr. Jagnani is an advocate of Education-to-all and is keenly involved in various social service activities.
A fitness enthusiast, Mr. Jagnani loves to trek and explore the wilderness when he is not busy working in the office.

Apart from the founding team, various other roles in the organization are being ably staffed and executed by well-qualified Technical Engineers and Management Specialists, who hail from premium tech and business schools.